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May 19, 2013 2:30am EDT
going through deleveraging and getting back to a more normal environment, it's a multi-year process, a very slow economic growth. the good news is we're pretty much at the bottom point in the deleveraging with you can start to see pickup. but before consumers start releverage after what they have lived through, you need to see them feeling better about the job environment. and we're only starting to see the numbers coming out of employment that make people feel as if they're is hope that their wages will go up and there is possibility for employment. until that happens, i think you really need -- you're going to see very slow economic growth. because without consumer spending being very robust, it's hard to have strong economic growth. >> and yet i want sometimes like people don't care in terms of invest in the stock market there is is the buy on the dip mentality. even if you're right where we could see a 5% sell-off, do you think buyers will be there and then it goes back up again? >> possibly. i've not seen this kind of market behavior since post-1987. you know, since 2000, the inte
May 18, 2013 3:00am EDT
line. >> it's been done in an environment where expectations were lower going into the quarters and that's no longer the case. given the plethora of retail reports coming from walmart and nordstrom, i want to be careful of the stocks until expectations are reduced and the stocks reflect a little more weakness than they currently do. let's go to larry in massachusetts, larry? >> jim, how's the maestro of the market tonight? >> very good. how are you? >> i'm terrific. i want you to know on my daughter's wall there's a pennant from the first interleague game from the phillies and the red sox, june 15, 1997. don't ask who won, but it took ten innings. >> my friend in the rhode island gaming business was in one of those games. >> i have no doubt. >> thanks for your passion and keep coming out and making the homework clear. shout out to katie in honor of louise who convinced you to be your best you. >> that's true. thank you very much. >> you're well in. >> you often say don't buy an ipo in the after market. some of us aren't heavy hitters who can call up our broker to take down a slug of
May 20, 2013 3:30am EDT
environment with shifting information, at the same time to protect the integrity of the investigation that was going to happen to ensure we brought justice to the people who committed this heinous act. >> the phone record for the a.p. is an issue. the attorney general will stand by the white house fully? >> the president has faith in attorney general holder. our cardinal rule is we don't get involved in independent investigations and this one of those. as a johnson principles, there are two things important we want to balance. one, national security leaks are dangerous. people that put the lives of our intelligence officers, our military at risk. but, two, we have to do it in a way in a balances freedom of press, which is why the president called on congress to pass the media shield law. >> i wonder if the message to congress is put up or shut up. if you're going to criticize me for not being involved, why don't you put up a law that better protects journalists. >> the president has wand this law for years, there's been republican opposition to it it. they've fierce advocacy of the press.
May 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
get them from florida and the company's bright colors. kind of environment do they need? and theyike it hot like full sun and water them when they are dry. you can bring them in when it gets colder. we will talk about that in october. >> what do we have here? alice plaines one is dupont. that will triple in size in one year. the one you have there is a son parasol which is crimson. it is not quite as vigorous growing but still does a nice job and these come in smaller pot but you can get them ready to go and they come in white and stripes of varieties. moree are more and discovered them. the more sun the merrier. they will do ok in part shade. one of my co-workers showed me how they would work in kind of bright shade and they did fine. >> you've got some other ones that are not as typical? >> this is passionflower or passion by and with many different varieties that tend to be below but some are red. it grows as a vine and some varieties can grow in the winter but i would not like to swear to it. oddly named potato vine which has been trimmed into a topiary shape. it is very pretty.
May 18, 2013 5:00am EDT
environment. >> correct. and the water in which these oysters are grown produces a deep cut and salt taste. but it doesn't have a harsh bite a lot of briny oysters have. >> and of course the perfect blend and combination are the black-eyed susans. tell us some of the ingredients. >> we are making a virgin black-eyed susans. >> yes. this morning we are making a virgin but you can come to rileys and get the real thing. >> i bet you can. >> we start off with a few blackberries. muddle those up. we're going to take some fresh-squeezed lemon. about a whole lemon in there. and then our secret weapon is our lemon grass-infused simple syrup. so two ounces of that. >> your secret weapon. >> so are were people starting to drink a lot of black-eyed susans last night as they were studying for today? >> yes. top it off with a little bit of club soda and then we're going to spruce it up with some fresh sage. >> that looks good. all right. so now back to the oysters if i can. i'm going to take a little sip. in terms of becoming the preferred oyster of preakness, how'd you pull that one off? >> i've been
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5